VT50 Series - PM2.5 Meter


  • Accurate Fine Particulate Matter (PM2.5) measurement by Laser Detection Sensor technology and artificial intelligence
  • Temperature measurement (VT50B/C)
  • Able to measure Formaldehyde level (VT50C)
  • Temperature unit (Celsius or Farenheit) selectable (VT50B / C)
  • Compact size and light weight for easy carry – allow users to monitor air quality at any place
  • Real-time air quality meter to monitor the concentration of PM2.5, humidity and temperature of the environment
  • Monitoring air pollutant source from dust, petrochemical industry, steel-making plant, thermal power plant, restaurant
  • Also suitable for use at home, in office, outdoor, car and other locations, especially during interior decoration
  • Easy to operate
  • Low power consumption extends the working hours of the meter
  • Auto power off to enhance battery life
  • 3 icons to indicate air quality for easy understanding


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