About Futronix Co.

Company Background

Futronix was founded by a team of experienced equipment development engineers, software engineers and senior marketing executives with the objective of promoting the use of advanced technologies in different walks of life at affordable prices. We specialize in the manufacturing and production of various types of equipment, including IR thermometers, non-contact human forehead thermometers, hygro-thermometers, digital food thermometers, wire trackers, CCTV testers, formaldehyde monitors, and digital multimeters. We also have long experience in the international testing equipment market.

Because of the fact that Futronix has a manufacturing plant in China, the Company’s management team has a wealth of experience in the equipment manufacturing environment in China. Moreover, our China plant has also allowed us to enjoy the advantage of low production costs.

We chose Hong Kong for our headquarters because of the city’s proximity to our plant, enabling us to exercise better control over our production, and our marketing staff, who are also located in Hong Kong, hold a global perspective on the Company’s business, and are experienced in meeting the requirements of our customers from all over the world.

To tackle the challenges of keeping up with our high production quality, most of our experienced engineers stay on-site to ensure all the production steps are in strict accordance with the pre-set procedures so as to prevent quality problems during production.

After years of operation, our staff in China is now conversant with the system of the Company. Given our production requirements, we are confident that our products can satisfy our customers’ various standards.