About Futronix Co.

Our Vision

To improve the quality of life with our advanced testing equipment.

Our Mission

Supplying advanced and reliable testing equipment at affordable prices to satisfy the needs of trade professionals and equipment users

Our objective

Promoting the use of advanced technologies in different walks of life.

Who we are?

Futronix is founded by a team of experienced equipment development engineers, software engineers and senior marketing executives.

Who do we serve?

Futronix equipment are designed for professionals and DIY users in:

  • Laying and maintenance of electrical systems
  • Laying and maintaining of optical fibre systems
  • Environment (including the environmental figures such as temperature, magnetic field, health and safety)
  • Field service and maintenance
  • Food manufacturing and processing
  • Distance
  • Drainage systems
  • Searching hidden meters

What do we offer?

We are specialized in manufacturing and producing various types of testing equipment, including :

  • IR thermometers,
  • non-contact human forehead thermometers,
  • hygro-thermometers,
  • digital food thermometers,
  • voltage detectors,
  • magnetic field detectors,
  • wire trackers,
  • optical power meters
  • CCTV testers (including analogue, IP, AHD, TVI and CVI),
  • PM2.5 meters
  • formaldehyde monitors,
  • distance meters,
  • pipe locators,
  • metal detectors, and
  • digital multimeters.

Why choose Futronix?

Our products are designed for professional and DIY users. We are conversant with all the safety and environmental requirements for testing equipment.

Where are we?

Our headquarter is located in Hong Kong while our production plant is located in Jiāngxī, China. To ensure the quality of our products, the production line is monitored closely by our experienced engineers in Jiangxi.